Challenge Naomi

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This week we’re asking you to Challenge your Welfare Officer Naomi! We set Naomi the task of spending as little as possible on her food shop for the week and you can read about the results here.

If you can match the £24.78 target (with a different shopping basket), or even beat it we want to know and you could even win some prizes too! Up for grabs is a Sweatshirt from the SU Shop as first prize and one our of famous 'I love Aber' mugs for second prize.

We’ll be looking for not only the best budgeting, but also the way that you’ve thought through your ingredients.

Use this diary to record what you have to eat and drink every day. Don’t forget a balanced diet is best and aim to get your 5 a day of fruit and vegetables.

To enter, just tag us in a picture of your shopping (on facebook or twitter) with your receipt before 31st March!



Sara Kay
3:18pm on 27 Mar 17 I agree a balanced diet is best. Is there anyway the student union menu could be adapted to make this easier when attending events? I have to bring my own food and drink with me as i'm on a low carb diet and intolerant to aspartame. Since the main thing I go to is a society meetup on Sunday I don't even have the option of purchasing anything from the shop which does at least sell a couple of salads.
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