Watch Party

Dear Film Lovers,

Of all ages, sizes and backgrounds.
We are back and we are strong!
We hope you are well and healthy (or sick) but would like to join us in your solitude for a Watch Party.
YES! Watch Party!
We are throwing a Watch Party next week on Thursday 22nd October at 6 PM on Netflix.
We will start with a sweet short and then move to our main.
As usual, all are invited. Bring your friends. Perhaps something yummy. And let the projector run. Well figuratively.
And enjoy!

There will be a discussion afterwards as usual but this time via MS Teams :)

All you have to do is a few easy steps:

No 1. Sign in to your Netflix account
If you don't have a Netflix account you can sign up. There is a 30 days free trial.
If you don't have a Netflix account and you don't want to sign up drop us an email on and we will give you a password to our Netflix account for the Watch Party.

No. 2. Download the Netflix Extension to your Chrome browser.

No. 3. Drop us an email on our society email: Thursday afternoon latest and we will send you the link for the Watch Party.

No. 4. Join our Watch Party.

No.5. After the film is finished. Click the MS Teams link either from the Watch Party Chat or from your email and let's discuss the films.

As easy as a pie.

See you all there!

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