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Clwb Pêl-Foli Prifysgol Aberystwyth University Volleyball Club

The Home of AU Volleyball Club!

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Social Volleyball - STARTS OCTOBER 5 2018

Fridays 20:30 to 21:30 (Sports Centre, Sport Hall)

Mixed Club Sessions  - STARTS OCTOBER 5 2018

Sundays 10:00 to 12:00 (Sports Centre, Sports Hall) 

  Clwb Pêl-Foli Prifysgol Aberystwyth University Volleyball Club (Club Page)

  Clwb Pêl-Foli AU Volleyball Club (Club Group)

  Aberystwyth Volleyball Club 2018-2019 (Paid Members Group)



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A welcome from our Club President

What is Volleyball?

Volleyball is a sport played on a court between two teams on either side of a net. Teams have three touches of the ball to then try to score points by grounding the ball on their opponents side of the court. Imagine it as a competitve game of 'keep the balloon in the air'. Played standing or sitting down, in a sports hall or on the beach, teams can vary from mixed pairs, 4 to 6 players, scoring from 15-25. Check out the USA Men's Volleyball Team describing the basics: 

Our Club philosophy and mission statement

AUVC is dedicated to supporting the development of Volleyball for students of Aberystwyth University, Standard and Associate Members.

We work with the Aberystwyth Student Union to promote:

  • Professional and ethical values
  • Inclusive and equal practice
  • Regulated Club practice and risk assessed training
  • Continual professional development where appropriate
  • Recognition for achievement

Club history and achievements to date

Volleyball in Aberystwyth has experienced a turbulent past in recent year, however, in its current capacity AUVC has been growing from strength to strength since Christmas 2017. Our President Hayley was the main driving force behind getting students involved with resurecting the Volleyball Club and forming the first committee in three years. Following exams in January 2018, AUVC began February brightly with a strong reception from the student body and enjoyed two training sessions on Sunday mornings and later introduced the ever popular 'Social Volleyball'. The greatest Club achievements to date have been attendances as high as 20 students a session, popular Club social nights in town, while at Varsity 2018, AUVC fought back from 2-0 to narrowly lose 3-2 in the final set to Bangor in its first competitve match since forming only four month prior.


Meet the Committee

President - Hayley Hill hah21@aber.ac.uk

Vice President - Sophie Noble

Secretary - Megan Depper mld10@aber.ac.uk

Social Sec - Will Aston

Head Coach and Treasurer - Tom Carter toc16@aber.ac.uk

Honourary Chairperson - Sylvester Beecroft



What to expect

Whether you are new to the sport or looking to aim towards competing for the University in one of our teams, AUVC promise to offer opportunities for all levels of development with coaching designed to incorporate both the physical and technical side of the sport. We offer a welcoming environment which rewards hard work and determination and nurtures talent as much as passion for the sport.

Coming prepared to play

Wearing suitable footwear is key to reducing the risks of injury as Volleyball involves a lot of dynamic movements. Additionally, arriving early and with a water bottle would be ideal to allow for the session to start as promptly as possible, do not worry if you are running late for whatever reason! Due to the intensity of some sessions, it would be adviseable not to eat any substancial food at least an hour before training, light snacks should give you enough energy or bringing a snack to have during breaks in training is welcome.

Training times and venues

Mixed Club Session and Social Volleyball - STARTS OCTOBER 7 2018
Sundays 10:00 to 12:00 (Sports Hall, Sports Centre)

Mixed Club Sessions - STARTS OCTOBER 5 2018
Fridays 20:30 to 21:30 (Sport Hall, Sports Centre)

Club and Training etiquette

AUVC wish to maintain the high standard of conduct shown by the Aberystwyth University Student Union throughout all of our Club practice and activities. By joining one of our training sessions or social nights we aim to encourage good sportsmanship, practice and most importantly create opportunities for the development of an individual's student life and experience! Our etiquette, therefore, is to expect well mannered sportsmanship and respect for other Club members, both in training and social environments, to fundamentally respect a code of polite behaviour to best sustain AUVC's image and ambitions.

Club Pledges

RAG Charity Week

This Girl Can

Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment

Pride in Sport

Risk Assessments for training



A message from our Social Secretary

Will Aston: 'Our Club Socials every Wednesday are great nights out! With different themes and games each week, they are the perfect opportunity to get to know your team ouside of training. Some of the socials we have lined up for the Club this year include Pub Golf and Disney, to name but a few! So if you dig this, come along and we shall serve you up a great night!'

What to expect from Volleyball socials

AUVC usually go into town on a Wednesday evening from 21:00 with all of the other Sports Clubs! Keep an eye out on our Facebook group for social events and reminders posted by Will. Every academic year we also enjoy celebrating the Club's achievements both at our Christmas Meal and End of Year Meal, some of the highlights from our End of Year Meal are pictured below!

What is Social Volleyball?

The first part of the Club Session on Sunday shall be drills and and going through the basics, benefitial for Beginners, while the second part shall be our Social Volleyball. This shall be an opportunity for all Club Members to get the opportunity to play games with teams of mixed ability. We do encourage potential members or friends and flatmates to come along to this session to try the sport. The games shall be relaxed and allow everyone to try various positions on court!

Social Volleyball time and venue

Mixed Club Sessions and Social Volleyball - STARTS OCTOBER 7 2018
Sundays 10:00 to 12:00 (Sports Hall, Sports Centre)

Risk Assessments for Social Volleyball




'GIVE IT A GO' Week/ Sitting Volleyball Session


Sandbanks Beach Competition 2019

BUCS Beach Volleyball Championships

Varsity 2019 (vs Prifysgol Bangor University)

Men's and Women's Superteams 2019



Purchasing membership as a student

AUVC membership is £23.00 for the whole academic year, an unbeatable price for approximately 60+ hours of opportunities to play Volleyball from October 2018 in Aberystwyth! You can now begin signing up to our email list at the top of this page, the deadline to do this shall be the 8 October, however we shall extend this deadline should more interest come to light!

Purchasing membership as an associate member

How to purchase membership?

This can be done at the top of this page or through the reception in the Student's Union.

Terms and Conditions of membership

By purchasing AUVC membership you are willingly agreeing to adhere to Club and Training Etiquette as well as Club Pledges (consult previous appropriate sections on this page). The Club retains the right to revoke inappropriate members with no refund of their membership fee. Any instances of inappropriate behaviour shall be logged and immediately reported to the Aberystwyth Students Union. Your membership allows you, if called, to vote in any AUVC Annual General Meetings (AGM), which extends to casting votes at the end of the academic year 2018/2019 for the future Committee 2019/2020.



What we wear


Our Official kit provider is a local business called Stormrider, who also provide kit for many societies and clubs within the University.

Although not a necessity to purchase, we would encourage all of our members to purchase Stefan's Socks (Pink) from the SU Page in support of the University wide campaign in his memory. You can read more about the campaign in the following sections of our page, which includes details about Aberystwyth Nightline and Mind Aberystwyth.

How to purchase official AUVC kit

An official AUVC kit order shall be placed the last week of October, allowing ample time for students to decide if they wish to come a member and commit to our Club!

Note: To purchase AUVC kit you must be a recongised and confirmed paying member of the Club, fairure to do so will mean you miss out on kit! There shall be more information about how to go about this from the Club Treasurer in the coming weeks and throughout the academic year!

Training tops are £10 and come in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL

Training Jumpers are £15 and come in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL

Both kits can be personalised with your preferred name and your title within our Club, for most AUVC members (excluding the Committee) this shall read 'Club Member 2018/ 2019'

Tournament and Competition apparel



Social sponsorship

Kit providers and sponsors

AUVC would like to extend its gratitude to our official kit provider Stormrider for their association and support for the Club for the academic year 2018/ 2019.

Stormrider offer a variety of items for Clubs, Societies and leisure pursuits and more information can be found on their website which you can access by clicking on their logo!

RAG Charity Week

Monday 29 October to Sunday 04 November 2018 - EVENT TBC

Have you any ideas, as an AUVC member, you would like the club to do for Charity? Are you involved with a charitable organisation and wish to get AUVC involved?

We are always looking to support our members on and off the Volleyball court and are welcoming to suggestions in what other ways we can help support our fellow students!

What is Mind Aberystwyth and Stefan's Socks Campaign?


Mind is a mental health based charity in Aberystwyth who 'make sure anyone who has a mental health problem has somewhere to turn for advice and support.' They work tirelessly throughout Aberystwyth supporting students and local residents with any problems or struggles that they may encounter, which is why a number of University Clubs appreciate and support the work carried out by the charity! Clicking on their logo will take you to their webiste which has all their contact details and helpful resources.

#STEFANSOCKS 'Stefan Osgood, Awesome Guy, Snowboarder, Fencer, Pink Sock Wearer, and Friend, took his own life on the 9th March 2016. He had suffered, silently, from depression for a number of years.  Mental health and the stigma that surrounds it is still an issue that prevents people from seeking the help they need, and results in tragedies like this.  Aberystwyth Students’ Union are proud to announce their “Stefan’s Socks” campaign.  We hope to raise awareness and get people talking about mental health issues and break down the stigma surrounding them. Stefan always wore bright pink socks when fencing (and at every other opportunity) and so we are encouraging all of our students and sports teams to wear bright pink socks and to use social media to spread the word.' You can support the campaign along with all of the University's Clubs by purchasing socks from the Student's Union Shop, clicking on the hashtag will take you there!

If you need someone to talk to confidentially, the University offers its own nightline Tuesday to Sunday, 0800 to 2000. Do not suffer in silence, clicking on the Aberystwyth Nightline logo will take you to their website with all of their contact details.



Contact details

Tom Carter (Head Coach) - toc16@aber.ac.uk

You can contact AUVC via Facebook using the links below, alternatively you can message this page and a member of committee shall get back to you as soon as possible!

Social media

  Clwb Pêl-Foli Prifysgol Aberystwyth University Volleyball Club (Club Page)

  Clwb Pêl-Foli AU Volleyball Club (Club Group)

  Aberystwyth Volleyball Club 2018-2019 (Paid Members Group)


AUVC Key Dates Academic Year 2018/ 2019
Event Beginning Concluding
Registration/ Freshers Week MON 24/09/2018 FRI 28/09/2018
Semester One Teaching MON 01/10/2018 SAT 05/12/2018
'Give It A Go' Week - Sitting Volleyball FRI 26/10/2018 20:30-21:30
RAG Charity Week MON 29/10/2018 SUN 04/11/2018
Intramural Competiton #1 Late Nov 2018  
Christmas Vacation MON 17/12/2018 SAT 05/01/2019
Semester One Examinations WED 09/01/2019 TUE 22/01/2019
Semester Two Teaching MON 28/01/2019 SAT 06/04/2019
Superteams 2019 Late February Early March
Intramural Competition #2 Late March  
Easter Vacation MON 08/04/2019 SAT 27/04/2019
Varsity 2019 (vs. Bangor) Late April  
Semester Two Teaching cont. MON 29/04/2019 SAT 04/05/2019
Revision/ Reading Week MON 06/05/2019 SAT 11/05/2019
Semester Two Examinations MON 13/05/2019 SAT 01/06/2019
BUCS Beach Volleyball Tournament 2019 Early June  
Sandbanks Beach Tournament 2019 Late June Early July


AUVC 2017/ 2018 Awards
Club Award Recipient
Most Improved Player Kasia Rynkiewicz
Most Enthusiastic Member Sylvester Beecroft
The 'Sylvester Beecroft' Award Wiktoria Cyniak
Head Coach's Player of the Season Adrian Krupa
Outstanding Performer at Varsity 2018 Kuba Kus
Outstanding Performer at Varsity 2018 Jakub Klepek


Club Constitution 2018/19:


Club Equipment List - TBC - Grant Application accolated items to be added


Club Code of Conduct 2018/19:


Risk Assessment 2018/19: