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Aberystwyth Caving Club 

Exploring taverns and caverns since 1966

Welcome to Aberystwyth University Caving Club. As a club we explore caves and mines mainly across the UK, from Yorkshire to the Mendips, squeezing through small gaps to climbing great caverns.  We are also a very sociable club, meeting up regularly for drinks, events and maybe even some caving. 

No prior experience is needed, so to join all you need is to pay £20.

Come and visit us at the yearly Sports Fair in freshers week and at Rummers Bar every Tuesday at 8:30 pm for our weekly social! 

We also meet at the climbing wall on Wednesdays at 4pm :D 


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5 reasons to join ACC:

  1. No experience necessary – we run numerous day trips at the start of term to caves suitable for novices. Yes, you will get muddy and sometimes a bit wet, but you will get to see a world few people ever experience.
  2. No kit required – the Club can provide all the basic kit you’ll need on a trip.
  3. Socials – having fun overground as well is an important part of the Caving Club. Socials are every Tuesday at Kanes, and on caving weekends you will get to meet student cavers from all over the UK.
  4. We’re active – there are caving trips most weekends during term, and in the last few years have been on expeditions to Majorca and County Clare. We visit local mines as well as travelling further afield to south and north Wales, Mendip, Derbyshire and Yorkshire.
  5. £25 membership - a steal compared to the other outdoor clubs.

The club and all club members are insured with British Caving Association and is part of the Council of Higher Education Caving Club.



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