Let There Be Two

Passed by: Senedd

Passed on: 19/04/2021

Policy lapses: 19/04/2024

Officer Responsible: Union President

Status: Completed


Allow students to job share Volunteer Officer or Full-time Officer roles.



It’s proposed that two individuals be able to job-share a single position in Volunteer or Full-time Officer roles from the 2021 Officer Elections onwards. Ultimately any pairing would be treated in principle as a single position with aspects split accordingly by agreement where absolutely necessary e.g. Senedd Voting etc. The Union would put in place appropriate measures and processes to support this principle as required.

Currently students have to take on roles as individuals and manage their time very carefully, which is great in an organisation that does allow such flexible working. We believe we can go further, and it would be possible for two students to be able to balance a position between themselves, where they may have other commitments. This would make positions more accessible to a host of students, such as those with disabilities or caring responsibilities. It would enable friends or students with shared views to run and tackle barriers relating to confidence or imposter syndrome.

Both Warwick and Wolverhampton Students’ Unions have already implemented such measures either in part or fully. I believe it would be very possible within our Students’ Union with positions having the same access to resources as others.
I think it would be a great step toward making the Students’ Union and its roles more accessible to all students.

Submitted By: Nathaniel Pidcock

Action List

Action Taken Name and Role Date
The President has worked with Union staff to amend relevant by-laws to allow both volunteer and full-time officer candidates to stand as a pair in elections.

AberSU is pleased to announce we have had two pairs successfully elected into roles and hope this is the start of removing more barriers for students to standing in future elections.

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Ash Sturrock 

Campaigns and Democracy Coordinator
  ais13@aber.ac.uk  /  suvoice@aber.ac.uk 

Bayanda Vundamina

Union President