Compulsory Consent Training

Passed by: Senedd

Passed on: 25/03/2019

Policy lapsed: 25/03/2022

Officer Responsible: Wellbeing Officer 


Provide Aberystwyth students with compulsory consent training.


A lot of university students are faced with situations that are complex. One of the more problematic ones include when situations turn sexual. Why we don't already have compulsory consent training for students surprises me. Teaching students what consent is and how to get/give it would help clarify many situations for students. It would help students be more comfortable and there are programs online which are already set up to provide to students.

This idea was amended before being passed so that the Union lobby the University to fund the delivery of any training.

Submitted By: Bethan Philips

Actions List

Actions Taken Name and Role Date
The Wellbeing Officer is currently working alongside our Student Advisor, who has a history of developing and delivering Consent training in a previous role, with a view to meet with Student Support and the Accommodation Service about how they could roll out consent training for students living in University Accommodation.

While planned meetings have recently been curtailed and delayed in part as a response to COVID-19, the Students’ Union has begun sharing online training provided by the charity Brook.

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