Roles: NUS Conference Delegates

NUS Conference Delegates attend National Union of Students (NUS) conferences to represent Aberystwyth University students.  Delegates can take part in discussions and vote on our behalf to decide national policy and elect national representatives. More information about NUS UK Democratic Conferences can be found here.

The time commitment required is the duration of the conference (including time required to travel to and from the location if required) as well as a briefing before and debriefing after the conference. The Students’ Union covers conference registration fees, accommodation and travel for all delegates.

There are three conferences which we elect delegates for:

  • NUS UK Conference – we send 2 delegates
  • NUS Wales Conference – we send 4 delegates
  • NUS UK Liberation Conference – we send 6 delegates

Check out our guide for delegates here.

Liberation Conference Delegates

At NUS UK Liberation Conference delegate spaces are reserved for students who define into specifc groups:

  • Two Black Students* - one place must be occupied by a Black Woman.
  • One Trans Student
  • One LGBTQ+ Student
  • One Disabled Student
  • One Woman Student

Spaces are initially offered to the designated Volunteer Officers that are elected in the Officer Elections held in March and subsequent Spring By-Elections (for example the LGBTQ+ Officer would be offered the LGBTQ+ Student or Trans Student place). Where unfilled or unable to attend, spaces are made available in the Autumn By-Election.