Chasing Course Costs

What is the campaign about?

We aim to highlight what a hidden course cost is and isn’t in order to debunk some of the myths on this. We aim to clarify what students are not expected to pay for and optional extras that do not impact your degree outcome.

Where appropriate we will challenge the university to remove costs, provide a free alternative or make such costs visible at the time at which students apply as a prospective student.

Students can choose to report costs anonymously or receive personal feedback based on the outcome of their submission. All reports will be collated and shared with the University Executive on a regular basis.



What are hidden course costs?


There are various costs involved when studying a degree beyond the usual tuition fees, accommodation and travel costs. Other costs students may need to cover include things such as field trips, books, clothing and equipment needed for particular courses or modules. However these are not always within the University’s ability to control.

As universities have not always made such costs immediately obvious to applicants and students, they have been referred to as ‘hidden’ costs. Aberystwyth University is working hard to indicate to prospective students what these costs are and how much they are likely to be when applying to the university.

The University is particularly aware of costs that can have a direct impact on students’ academic success such as a field trip of which an assessment will be based. In order to address any impact, the University is also working on offering no or low cost alternatives in core modules that include such activities.


How can I get involved?


The campaign allows students using our online form below to report costs which will then be investigated by the union with your department.