1 - Welcome to REFRESH

Welcome to REFRESH

Whether it is your first year in Aber or you’re a well-seasoned student we want to make sure your time here is as fulfilling as possible!  

Welcome to REFRESH, our exciting new Wellbeing program, dedicated to Aber Students. We all have mental health, just like physical health, with the difference being we might not see it if someone around us is struggling. We all need a deeper understanding about mental health to help us recognise and help break stigmas.

What's REFRESH about? 

We want to give you a chance for a deeper understanding of yourself, and process what you are going through by exploring different wellbeing topics through blogs, activities and workshops. 

After all, we all suffer and try to cope in our own way! 

So get involved in the programme and take advantage of the tips, topics and activities we have to offer over the coming weeks! 

Over the next five weeks we will be discussing: 


  • Identifying and managing burnout 

It’s no surprise that in these stressful and uncertain times we could come under pressure and start to become overwhelmed in the current situation. We’ll be identifying what signs of burnout look like, and examining its 12 stages with tips on how to prevent burnout.


  • The Power of Productivity 

To help you get through the rest of the academic term at Aberystwyth, we’ve looked into the biggest distractions’ students face and how to get the most out of your productivity. In effect, we’ll give you lots of tips and trick, on how to get MORE done but spend LESS time doing it!


  • Lonliness and Isolation 

Students across campus have had their university experience flipped upside down this year due to COVID-19, whether this is your first year with us or your final year. These periods of isolation left students feeling out of touch and lonely. So we’ve put together a blog for you can find out more about how you can actively combat coronavirus-induced loneliness when you’re at university. 


  • Managing your Physical and Mental Health 

Having good physical health and taking care of your mental health means you can cope with daily life and manage your stress. Taking care of your mental wellbeing is for everyone, whether you've ever experienced mental health issues or not.

In this week we explore the benefits of looking after your mental health at university, helping you to perform at your best during your studies and your personal life too, making the best experience whilst at Aberystwyth University. 


  • Building the best version of you 

Everyone wants to become the best version of themselves, but few actually do it. We’re our own worst enemies when it comes to achieving success, chasing our dreams, and living a life that’s filled with passion and purpose. Some of us are self-destructive without realizing it, and others are conscious of the fact, but lack the tools and/or knowledge in order to improve. But no matter who you are, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in this blog.


Eager to find out more? We’ll be adding content every Monday, so check back every week to learn more about how you can improve your overall wellbeing. After all, we all need a bit of R&R from time to time…