Coaching Connections

Our first term COVID-19 survey showed that students wanted support on a range of issues including time management, managing workload, creating routines, maintaining relationships with family and friends, exploring career thoughts and much much more. In response we’ve decided to use some money that we’ve received from Welsh Government to set up a project to enable as many students as possible to access a private session with an external professional coach.

Whether you want help developing a routine, managing your time/workload, planning your next career move, or simply want to talk through how to navigate your personal stresses, we have an offer to help.

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What is coaching?

Aber SU is funding a set of one off coaching sessions for students to explore a range of issues. These are things you have told us matter to you and included career planning, coping with Covid isolation, staying fit and active.

A coach works with a client who want to move forward in their lives towards set goals.

Coaching is about empowering the client to find their own solutions, so if I was seeking to buy my dream house -

Coaching would help me explore what my dream house looked like, what options I have, where to start looking, and the steps I need to take.

It is:

  • Confidential
  • Bespoke to you
  • Supportive and non-judgemental

It is not:

  • Therapy
  • Counselling
  • Designed to make decisions for you

Aber SU Coaching Connections is a free service for students to use to access one free hour of coaching – your coach is able to offer additional sessions at a cost, but don’t feel pressured into taking extra appointments if you don’t want or need them.

Book a Session

Your coach will want to know a bit about you and what you are looking to achieve, so may set up a pre-appointment call, or ask you to complete a questionnaire.

If you make an appointment, you pass on your details to the coach automatically, and they will let us know you have booked so we can pay them.