Ethical and Environmental Policy


As part of our ongoing involvement in Green Impact Students’ Unions, we encourage and urge all staff and members to do their best to help protect the environment and the impact the Union has on the environment. Simple steps can make a genuine difference, as follows:

  • Turning computer screens off when leaving machines. 
  • Turning computers off before leaving at the end of the day. 
  • Turning switches of at the wall before going home at the end of the working day, for equipment such as photocopiers, printers and computers. 
  • Turning lights off when leaving the room. 
  • Printing only when necessary and in black and white/ double sided wherever possible.
  • Separating, and disposing of appropriately, all recyclable materials when disposing of waste in the workplace. 
  • Ensuring the temperature in work areas is at an appropriate level and reporting to your line Manager if not 
  • Only using the required amount of water when boiling kettles. 
  • Using the waste/recycling banks of bins provided rather than having waste bins under each desk. 
  • Wherever holding 'paper-free' meetings rather than printing out copies of documents for all members. 
  • Wherever possible, re-using paper before recycling it 
  • Ensuring materials that are ordered have as long a shelf-life as possible so they can be reused in future campaigns for example. 
  • Ensuring unwanted items are sold or donated to charity wherever possible, rather than being discarded. 
  • Re-using stationary such as folders, envelopes, Jiffy bags and Blu-Tac. 
  • Ordering equipment that is as efficient as possible. For example, A-rated appliances. 
  • Ordering Fairtrade and local products wherever possible. 
  • Turning off equipment, wherever possible, at the end of the day and at the end of the working week. This should include things such as PCs and copiers/printers etc. 
  • Turning off equipment, wherever possible, before vacation periods to ensure the Union uses a minimal amount of energy whilst the building is closed.