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Tel: 01970 621700

Address: Aberystwyth Students Union, Penglais Campus, Aberystwyth, SY23 3DX



Offices open: weekdays 9:00 to 17:00


For all press enquiries, please e-mail or phone 01970 621703.


  Union Development Officer: Bruce Wight 


  Wellbeing Officer: Molly Longden                                                    


  Welsh Culture Officer & UMCA President: Gwion Llwyd 


  Student Opportunities Officer: Jessica Williams  


  Academic Affairs Officers: Emma Beenham 

Student Opportunities

  Student Opportunities Manager: Gavin Allen


  Sports Co-ordinator: Lucie Gwilt


  Societies & Volunteering Co-ordinator: Sion Betts


Student Support & Representation

  Student Support and Representation Manager: Martin Dodd


  Student Voice Co-ordinator: Chris Parry


  Student Advisor: vacant 


  Academic & Volunteering Coordinator: vacant




  Finance Manager: Catrin Hopkins


  Finance Assistant: Rebecca Thompson


  Reception Assistant: Katie Searle 




Communications & Engagement

  Communications and Engagement Manager: Eleri Wyn


  Media Sales and Events Co-ordinator: Matt Lukasiak




Chief Executive Office

  Chief Executive Officer: Trish McGrath


  Executive Assistant: Annmarie Evans