You're Great

The AberSU ‘You’re Great!’ awards recognise Aberystwyth University staff, student representatives and volunteers for moments where they have had a positive impact whether big or small. Perhaps you’ve had a particular engaging lecture, been supported through a tough period or received excellent service… this is your chance to say thank you for the work they do!

We not only want to recognise the hard work staff put in but the fantastic work Academic and Institute representatives and student volunteers (e.g. Departmental Mentors) do whether its creating positive change, or making your time at Aberystwyth that little bit easier. If you think they have done something outstanding then why not nominate them.

Any student at Aberystwyth University can nominate to be in with a chance of receiving a certificate and ‘You’re Great!’ mug which we’ll present to them publically.

A student panel will meet regularly to decide who receives an award based on the nominations received. Where someone is not awarded appropriate feedback will be provided to the nominating student.

Full details about the awards and nomination process can be found here.

Nominate someone today…