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Aberystwyth Community of Gamers (ACOG) is one of the biggest societies in Aberystwyth. We hold monthly gaming events, Large LAN events and weekly socials. Come join the fun!


Who we are
Welcome to Aberystwyth Community of Gamers, ACOG for short. We are devoted to creating a space where social and competitive gaming can take place so that people of all experience levels may enjoy. We at ACOG frequently hold gaming events in the student union, we run weekly socials around town and compete nationally with other universities. Over the last few years, ACOG has grown into one of the largest societies in Aberystwyth and we want this growth to continue so that the enjoyment of games can spread!

Where and when we meet

What we do
Monthly events are held in the SU’s underground with a different genre of game each month. Each month certain games will be run in a tournament fashion, earning you points in a year long competition called COG (Champion of Gamers). Merely turning up and participating earns you points, but, as with any competition, the higher you place the more points you’ll earn. At the end of the year the people with the highest amount of points are awarded prizes, so make sure you come join and have fun!

LAN events are our big events that we run. These are where we as a society book out the main room of the Student’s Union for a weekend and gather our members and their various gaming setups all in the one room. These are super fun events where we chill and play games together and, in our November and February LANs, livestream our antics to raise money for charities close to our hearts. 
Socials involve us as a society hitting the town and having fun as a group. These usually have a theme each week and can involve dressing up in a particular way or playing a form of game. While they may have a theme, and it’s encouraged to stick to it, it’s not mandatory. It gives plenty of opportunities to go out and meet new friends in a safe environment with people who share a common interest.
Sober socials give perfect opportunities for the people who don’t fancy going out into town to still have fun with the society. We generally book out a room or two and play loads of board games together of all manner of length and complexity or we may make use of the projector that’s in the room we usually book out so that we can watch films. 

As a society we pride ourselves on being an accepting safe space for all people. Games are a place for people to escape any pressures from the outside world and communicate with likeminded people. We are all just gamers at the end of the day, so everyone is welcome to come have fun. 

Meet the committee
President: Saf (Nori)
Vice President: Sydney (Luc)
Secretary: Ieuan (Elppa)
Treasurer: Eva
Esports/Tech Manager: Tom (AI Chomper)
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AberSmash (subset of ACOG)

We also have our Constitution, Code of Conduct, Risk Assessment and Equipment List if you would like to have a look!
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