UMCA Entertainment

UMCA Entertainment

Re-Freshers 2020


Monday / Monday Evening: Union Fair + Mixed Netball Game / 7:30 pm / The Cage

Tuesday night: Geltaidd Night - Pub Golf

Wednesday / Wednesday evening: Women’s Rugby Training + Homework Evening / 7:00 pm / Black Lion

Thursday night: Swn In the News (2000s) / 10:00 pm / YOKOS


The Ryng-gol Eisteddfod

This is a weekend where the UMCA crew is taking a tour to compete against other Universities. Last year, Lampeter was the venue, one of the best Eisteddfodau for years. Aber won several competitions including the Art Medal thanks to Non! And although Bangor won the Eisteddfod, UMCA won the weekend!


This year the Eisteddfod is down in Swansea.

March 1st + 2nd