What is UMCA?

Aberystwyth’s Welsh Medium Students' Union

President 2021-22: Mared Edwards

  • A union that enables you to learn and socialize through the medium of Welsh.
  • It was established in 1973 to protect the rights and interests of Welsh speaking students at the University and to campaign on their behalf.
  • The Union's home is in Pantycelyn hall; the UMCA office is located here, so that all members can get hold of me at any time. Pantycelyn is reopening this year, and many of you will get a taste of the unique UMCA lifestyle by living there. So we have a very exciting year ahead, ensuring that Pantycelyn can once more promote the Welsh language here in Aber.
  • Over the past few years we have ensured that the University and the Students' Union have a bilingual policy; this means that the Students' Union and the University produce everything bilingually, thus giving the Welsh language equal status, so that it is part of all Aberystwyth students’ lives.  We also provide free Welsh lessons to learners and communicate with students from other countries about the Welsh language.
  • This year we are pleased to announce that UMCA's membership is once again free. The free membership will be offered to students who have taken GCSE Welsh (First Language). However, students will need to become a member to be part of UMCA. They will be able to unsubscribe at any time, and UMCA will be responsible for maintaining appropriate membership records.
  • Your student years are a time to enjoy yourself and create memories, and UMCA ensures its members year-on-year satisfaction by offering a wide variety of entertainment such as trips around the Aberystwyth area and organising occasional gigs.

Contact or come and see me in my office at Penbryn or in the Union.


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