Welcome to Zones!

Zones are events run by the SU to allow students to come together for discussions that influence the actions of Officers and staff, where we get the chance to share loads of ideas and feedback.

They are designed to be smaller, less formal and more flexible for an easy introduction to democracy at AberSU.

Each Zone is chaired by the relevant Full Time Officer and supported by a member of staff.


What is the purpose of Zones?


A successful Zone allows students to address issues most relevant to them in a much more personal setting with a range of attendees that can:

  • Update everyone with their plans and events
  • Encourage the Full Time Officer to take action on an issue
  • Provide feedback on Ideas you may want to submit to Council
  • Suggest wording and improvements for Ideas or Campaigns
  • Help provide facts and personal experiences relevant to the topic
  • Identify how working on an Idea or topic could have positive effects
  • Identify opportunities to work together on joint problems
  • Answer questions


What is discussed?


Each Zone follows a basic format:

  • Introductions – Your usual welcomes, apologies and icebreakers
  • Officer Report – Hear the official report from the relevant Full Time Officer and hold them to account
  • Submitted Discussion Topics - Students can submit discussion topics in advance of each Zone to guarantee it a slot on the agenda. This can be anything relevant to the Zone!
  • Any other business – Opportunity to raise anything, from extra topics to updates or announcements

From time to time, we may theme a Zone around a current event or a ‘Big Issue’ or use the meeting to invite speakers for short talks and Q&A sessions.


How do I submit a topic for discussion?


You can email your topic to the Student Voice Coordinator Chris or submit an idea through our online form here.



Upcoming Meetings

Zone Type


Meeting Location

Sports and Societies Zone 01/03/21 - 6pm Online via Teams
Academic Zone 02/03/21 - 6pm Online via Teams
Welsh Culture Zone 03/03/21 - 6pm Online via Zoom
Wellbeing Zone 04/03/21 - 6pm Online via Teams

More about each Zone

Welsh Culture Zone


Chaired by: Welsh Culture Officer and UMCA President

Staff Support: Support and Representation / Marketing and Communication

Usual Suspects: Welsh Language Officer, UMCA Executive Committee

Bringing together anyone who has an interest in the Welsh Culture, this Zone discusses matters relating to:

  • Welsh Language, Bilingualism and learning Welsh in Aber
  • Access to Higher Education through the medium of Welsh
  • Welsh events, celebrations and holiday activities
  • Support and community resources for Welsh Students and their groups such as UMCA


Academic Zone


Chaired by: Academic Affairs Officer

Staff Support: Support and Representation

Usual Suspects: Faculty Reps, Academic Reps, Academic Based Society Committees

Relating to all things education, this Zone covers:

  • The Academic Representation system
  • Specific issues relating to anything from lectures, courses, modules or even degree schemes as a whole
  • Issues relating to services such as libraries, information services or online tools
  • Changes to University structures, staffing or activities


Wellbeing Zone


Chaired by: Wellbeing Officer

Staff Support: Support and Representation

Usual Suspects: Liberation Officers, Club/Society Wellbeing Officers, Charity or Wellbeing themed Society Committees

Covering the big picture of Wellbeing on campus, this Zone discusses:

  • Support available to students through the SU, University and local health provision
  • Issues affecting accessibility and the physical and mental health of students
  • Campaigns and support to celebrate and promote diversity and inclusion


Sports and Societies Zone


Chaired by: Opportunities Officer

Staff Support: Opportunities

Usual Suspects: Sports Club and Society Committees

This Zone is split into an hour each for Clubs and Societies and where relevant covers:

  • Taking part in a club or society and all that it involves
  • Grants, funding, coaching and representation
  • Matters relating to facilities
  • Big events such as Varsity, Superteams and Awards
  • Fundraising and volunteering


Zones are a great opportunity to get the ball rolling on the discussions you want us to have, and the actions you want us to take.

You can email your topic to, or submit an idea through our online form here.

If you’re unsure whether a Zone is the right place for your idea get in touch anyway!



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