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Do you have an idea to change Aber for the better?

Submitting an idea on key issues affecting you at University is now easier than ever.

Any student at Aberystwyth University can submit an idea about what they think AberSU should believe or be working on using the form below.

You can also use the form to submit amendments for ideas that have already been submitted and are due to be taken forward to an upcoming Union Council meeting.

Once submitted, how your idea is taken forward will depend on its content; it may be taken to an appropriate meeting such as Union Council, Zone or may be dealt with in a meeting with the appropriate person(s) responsible to work with you on delivering your idea.

Read the guide below, but remember we have staff on hand to help whether it is supporting you to write an idea or working with you to achieve a successful outcome after submission. If you would like to discuss your idea before submitting it email

Ideas Guide


A short and simple title that clearly describes the Idea.

The Full Details

This describes what the Idea is all about, and what it would achieve. Details should include information from these two groups:

What is the current situation?

What are the Solutions?

  • What are the Facts?
  • Is there any research or statistics to support you idea?
  • How does it effect Aberystwyth University Students?
  • What actions can AberSU take?
  • What current Policy will be affected and need updating?
  • What outcomes are desired?


Summarise your idea in once simple sentence that encapsulates what your idea will achieve.

Which Officer Should be Responsible?

You can choose the most relevant officer to be responsible for your Idea and it will form part of the work for the role for up to 3 years if passed.

Submit your ideas and amendments


We're currently working on updating our online forms to ensure the best experience for our users. 

This doesn't affect your ability to submit an Idea. Please send any information relating to your idea using the guidance above to the Student Voice Coordinator, Steph or get in touch with one of our officers