Led by you…

Students lead in all aspects of the Students’ Union. Each year we use democratic elections to help decide who should speak and work for you on a range of issues while you’re a student at Aberystwyth University, including Academic Reps and Volunteer Officers.

Registered students can stand and vote in elections for any position that is relevant to them.


Election's Hub

Autumn By-Elections

Elections for positions covering Academic Reps, vacant Volunteer Officer roles and NUS Conference delegates.

Standing Opened: Monday 16th September 2019

Standing Closed: 12pm Monday 7th October 2019

Candidates Briefing: 4pm Monday 7th October 2019*

Voting: Monday 14th – Friday 18th October

Results: Friday 18th October

*Volunteer Officer roles and NUS Conference delegates only.


Spring Officer Elections

Elections for all positions covering Full-time and Volunteer Officers roles.


Standing Opens: Wednesday 1st January 2020

Standing Closes: 12pm Tuesday 25th February 2020

Candidates Briefing: 4pm and 6pm Tuesday 25th February 2020

Voting: Monday 9th – Friday 13th March 2020

Results: Friday 13th March 2020


Spring By-Elections

Elections for positions covering Academic Reps and vacant Volunteer Officer roles.


Standing Opens: Monday 16th March 2020

Standing Closes: 12pm Friday 27th March 2020

Candidates Briefing: 4pm Friday 27th March 2020*

Voting: Monday 20th – Friday 24th April 2020

Results: Friday 24th April 2020

*Volunteer Officer roles only.