This Girl Can

The ‘This Girl Can’ campaign was originally created to show that women should be able to get active or play sport and feel comfortable doing so no matter what ability, shape or size.

Research shows that the proportion of women putting off physical exercise for fear of judgement hugely outnumbers men, as well as the numbers of women carrying on physical exercise after school age being significantly lower than men.

We are running this campaign week for Aberystwyth students to show them that their fear of judgement should not hold them back from taking part in any activity. As well as this we believe that there should be an equal platform for women in all sectors of work and leisure activities.

We have created our own take on the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign as we want to highlight other areas where there is a disparity between the numbers of men and women present, such as owning and managing businesses or entering into the STEM industry.

We hope that the week will be encouraging and empowering for women across the university and show that women are welcome in all of these environments and should not be put off.

See you there!

AberSU Staff and Officer Team

Monday 18/02


11-3, SU Main Room

Full of exciting opportunities, this fair brings together women from different backgrounds to talk, share their experiences and encourage every student to reach their potential!

  • Meet owners and managers of aber businesses!
  • Join student groups and sport!
  • Get wellbeing, career and university support!

Tuesday 19/02


11-2, Outside Opportunities Office/Shop

Joining the national campaign to end period poverty our Wellbeing Officer will be hosting a brunch with a twist!

  • Food will be RED.
  • Sanitary products instead of cash.
  • Products are donated to LOCAL SCHOOLS.



Banner making - 12-6, Event from 6, March departs 7. 

Reclaim the Night is open to all, no barriers, no expectations, only a march to show solidarity to fellow women on campus.

Initially built on ending gender-based violence, reclaim the night is there to show that violence and sexual assault is never okay.

So come along, make banners, march and prove that this girl really can!

Wednesday 20/02


These women's teams will be proudly representing Aber, come along and show your support! 

  • Football VS Cardiff Met, 2pm, Sports Centre 3G Pitch
  • Lacrosse VS UWE, 2pm, Vicarage Fields
  • Netball VS Royal Agricultural, 4pm, Sports Cage

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Thursday 21/02

The Vagina Monologues!

Running on Thursday and Friday, The Vagina Monologues is back and bigger than ever! Performed by AberSU, Eve Ensler’s incredible play will be performed raising money for New Pathways Aberystwyth and the V-Spot Campaign, speaking out for women across the world. TVM will make you laugh and cry, but most importantly, think. Let’s work together to end violence against women and girls once and for all.

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Friday 22/02

Women's Superteams!

From Friday 22nd to 24th February 2019 women students organise themselves into teams of 10 and compete in a huge variety of activities and sports across the weekend. Prepare yourselves for banter, sweat and a lot of mud!

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