When it is not ok?

Getting LOADS of messages from the person you’re seeing? Maybe someone has threatened to share some photos you sent privately? Guilting you all. the. time. when you just want to see your mates for once instead of them? 

What we said above? They’re all signs of coercive control. No one has the right to control you, make you feel uncomfortable or make you feel at fault.

Healthy relationships don’t sound like this. Healthy relationships are based on trust, equality and respect.

You don’t have to be ‘Facebook official’ to be in a controlling relationship and it doesn’t matter what your relationship looks like; it can happen to anyone, of any gender, in any kind of relationship - official or not.

“But I love them… they only do it because they love me…”

If any of this sounds familiar, maybe it’s time to check out: gov.wales/thisisnotok


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