Staff and Student Awards


This page is here to provide details about the awards criteria for Staff and Students Awards.

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Lecturer of the Year

Awarded to a lecturer who makes a significant contribution to the academic experience of students, whether inspiring students with a passion for the subject, energising the lecture room or going above and beyond to make your classes engaging. This person will epitomise what it means to have an Aberystwyth University education.

Support/Service Staff Member of the Year

Your university experience isn’t just confined to your lectures. This award recognises those members of the university community who provide outstanding support or enhance your experiences outside of the classroom. This might be the porter who deals with your noise complaint, to the barista in Tamed Da who serves your 9am latte.

Academic Representative of the Year

This award recognises an Academic Representative who has been consistently active throughout the year. They effectively voice the opinions of all students on their course, regularly attend SSCCs, feed-back information to their peers and demonstrate great organisational and interpersonal skills.

Student Volunteer of the Year

Awarded to an individual whose volunteering has had a clear and tangible impact on their group, project or cause. They will have shown a high level of commitment and be a positive role model for student volunteering and AberSU.

Volunteer Officer of the Year

Recognises the contribution of one of our Volunteer Officers to the development of the University and/or Union.  They will have actively represented their peers, engaged with and improved the student experience using student feedback.

Student Mentor of the Year

This award recognises the important role of mentors in supporting students and helping inspire and motivate them throughout their course. Good mentors demonstrate empathy with their mentees, provide an environment that encourages questions and have knowledge of their department and a range of university services.

Supervisor of the Year 

Awarded to an undergraduate or postgraduate supervisor who gives outstanding supervision as part of a project, disseration or thesis. This may be by providing motivation, feedback and exceptional guidance that helps to provide clear direction for your work. They may also inspire passion for your area of study, promoting opportunities for professional development or further research.

Department of the Year

This category recognises a department (or Institute) which makes exceptional positive contributions to the academic experience of its students. Staff work together to provide a welcoming environment and a high standard of learning, teaching and support. It recognises a department that students are proud to be part of.

Hyrwyddwr Iaith Gymraeg (Welsh Language Champion)

This award acknowledges those members of staff across all departments and roles who make the Welsh language and cultural experience of Aberystwyth University ‘da iawn’. They champion Welsh in everything they do and inspire students to take Welsh further.

Postgraduate Teacher of the Year

It’s not just lecturers who positively impact upon your academic experience. Many postgraduates take on teaching responsibilities in addition to their full-time study. This award recognises a postgraduate student who makes an outstanding contribution when teaching, leading a seminar or demonstrating.

Personal Tutor of the Year

This award recognises a personal tutor who is passionate about helping students and ensuring their time at university is the best it can be. This member of staff provides excellent levels of pastoral care, support and guidance.

Outstanding Feedback Award

This member of staff provides personalised feedback which isn’t just a mark but explains what you have done well and what you need to do to improve next time and may be in a non-traditional format. This feedback helps you to constantly improve during your time at Aberystwyth University.

Next Step Award

This award recognises a staff member in any department who has helped to prepare you for life after university. They help shape a student’s future ambitions and enable them to realise their full potential. The winner of this award uses their knowledge, experience, time and connections to support and equip students to their next step in life.

Leading Equality Award

This award recognises a member of staff or student who upholds and champions equal opportunities for all regardless of their background or current situation. They work towards ensuring inclusivity and equality for under-represented groups and help to raise awareness or create change through events, campaigns and other activities.

Special Mentions

This award may be given at the discretion of the panel to recognise the outstanding work of a member of the University community who has contributed to a students’ experience. but does not fit into one of the other categories.

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