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Autumn By-Elections
20th September 10am - 11th October 10am
Become an Academic Rep or Volunteer Officer! Represent your fellow peers, take the lead and ensure the student voice is heard. Stand online:
Big Sale
24th September 10am - 25th September 4pm
The Big SU Quiz
24th September 7pm - 11pm
Aber SU
The Big Freshers Icebreaker
25th September 9pm - 1am
Tour of Aberystwyth
26th September 10am - 3pm
Starting opposite Campus Reception
Bingo Lingo 26/09/21
26th September 6pm - 11pm
Aber SU
Freshers Fair - Day 1
27th September 9:30am - 4pm
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Ask the A-team
27th September 10am - 1st October 3pm
Virtual Freshers Fair - Day 1
27th September 10am - 4pm
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LGBTQ+ Meet and Greet
27th September 3pm - 5pm
Picturehouse / Zoom
Sandcastle Building Competition
27th September 5pm - 7pm
North Beach
FRESHERS ONLY Join us for the ultimate sandcastle building competition.
Pool & ACOG evening
27th September 7pm - 11pm
Freshers Fair - Day 2
28th September 9:30am - 4pm
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Virtual Freshers Fair
28th September 10am - 4pm
Come along to chat to the committee about events and ask us any questions :) This is for anyone! From those who might not quite moved in yet to those who feel freshers fair might be a bit overwhelming at the moment.
Virtual Freshers Fair - Day 2
28th September 10am - 4pm
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BAME Meet and Greet
28th September 3pm - 5pm
SU Picturehouse / Zoom
Postgraduate Student's Meet and Greet
28th September 6pm - 8pm
Picturehouse / Zoom
Welcome to Street Dance!
28th September 6pm - 8pm
SU Main Room
An opportunity for anyone with any level of experience with street dance to join in and dance along to a selection of styles that we have choreographed to have fun with. Members of Panthers Street Dance will lead an interactive dance session that bot
Headphone disco
28th September 8pm - midnight
Aber SU
'Beach Please' Social
28th September 8:30pm - 2am
Y Bañera
Freshers Fair - Day 3
29th September 9:30am - 4pm
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Freshers Fair Stall
29th September 9:30am - 4pm
SU Marquee
Come find us at the SU Freshers fair! This is a chance for you to come to speak to us, ask any questions you have about the society or uni life, meet the committee and learn about our future events.
Virtual Freshers Fair - Day 3
29th September 10am - 4pm
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Women's* Meet and Greet
29th September 3pm - 5pm
SU Picturehouse / Zoom
Harriers Beach bonfire
29th September 7pm - 11pm
South Beach, by Ireland flag
A chilled out bonfire on South Beach to meet new people and get to know the committee
James Phelan 29/09/21
29th September 8pm - 11pm
Aber SU
Combined Science Societies Quiz Night
29th September 8:30pm - 11pm
SU main room
Quiz night for all prospective Animal and Vet Soc, Aerospace soc, Biochem Soc and Psych Soc. There are prizes so bring your best teams, we (biochem soc) don't want to loose.
The Silly Scientist Bingo
29th September 8:30pm - 11pm
SU Main Room
Our Science Societies are coming together to bring you multiple games of back-to-back bingo with various prizes, lots of music and fun tiebreaker events!
Tarren-y-Gesail Hike
30th September 9am - 5:30pm
Aberystwyth Railway Station
Biochem Society Pub Quiz night
30th September 10am - 1pm
Edward LLwyd 0.01
"Pub" Quiz night, a joint event between the Genetics department and Biochem Soc.
Freshers Picnic
30th September 12:30pm - 2pm
Pentre Jane Morgan Green (WhatThreeWords: ///income.access.honestly)
Come join us for our first event of the year: a light-hearted picnic on the vast green fields of Pentre Jane Morgan on campus! Nothing serious - just a nice easy way for our members old and new to get to know everyone a little bit more.
Independent Student's Meet and Greet
30th September 1pm - 3pm
Campaigns and Volunteering Workshop
30th September 3pm - 4pm
Fencing: an interactive demonstration of that sport with the swords
30th September 7pm - 8pm
SU Main Room
This demonstration will be a great opportunity for those who have an interest in fencing to see and experience this exciting sport.
Netball Trials-Day 1
30th September 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Sports Cage
This will be our first session of netball trials for all current members as well as fresher's who wish to play in a team.
30th September 8pm - midnight
Aber SU
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Dance With Me Tonight!
30th September 8pm - midnight
SU Main Room
A collaboration between Dance clubs and societies brings you 'Dance With Me Tonight'!
Quiz Night
30th September 8pm - 10:30pm
We're kicking off our first online social of the year in style, Quiz Night!
International Student's Meet and Greet
1st October 4pm - 6pm
Netball Trials-Day 2
1st October 4pm - 6pm
Sports Cage
Day 2 of our Netball trials.
Paint Party
1st October 8pm - midnight
Tickled Pink - Glitter Bingo PARTY
1st October 8pm - midnight
Prif Ystafell yr Undeb
Tickled Pink are renowned for their glitter parties; they are a perfect way to have fun whilst support charity through fundraising
'Kick the Bar' Puzzle Hunt
2nd October 4pm - 6pm
Lifeboat Station
Solve a tricky trail of brain-benders taking you on a tour around Aberystwyth.
Beach Bonfire
2nd October 6pm - 10pm
North Beach (Constitution Hill)
Join us at our favourite Aber pastime, a beach bonfire!
Musical Theatre Taster Session
2nd October 6pm - 7pm
SU Main Room
Come along to Curtain Call's taster to see what we do! We'll be learning a dance routine and a song too - all abilities and experience levels are welcome! We can't wait to meet you all - please make sure you are wearing clothes and shoes you can move
Freshers Ball
2nd October 9pm - 1am
RocSoc - Alt Music Night
2nd October 9pm - midnight
SU Main Room
Hosted by RocSoc, this is a slightly different music night, playing the most beloved rock, metal, emo, and anything else that can be considered alt tunes. Come on by for a night you won't get anywhere else!
Bingo Lingo 03/10/21
3rd October 6pm - 11pm
Bollywood Night
3rd October 7pm - midnight
SU Main Room
Our Asian Society are bringing you a much-loved Bollywood Night!
Netball Trials-Day 3
4th October 8:30pm - 9:30pm
Sports Cage
Netball trials day 3!
Blue Social
5th October midnight - 6th October midnight
Y Bañera
Camo Social
12th October midnight - 13th October midnight
Y Bañera
??OUR 1ST JOINT SOCIAL OF THE YEAR!!?? With Aber Airsoft Society
CocSoc Fest
19th October midnight - 20th October midnight
Y Bañera
ARA: Gambling Related Harm
20th October 1:30pm - 4:30pm
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'Building Confidence for Success’ workshop by Jill Fitzgibbon
21st October 11am - 11:45am
In this workshop we will be talking about confidence, what you understand it to be and what it means to you.
Halloween Social
26th October midnight - 27th October midnight
Victim Support: Understanding Hate Crime
26th October 1pm - 3pm
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Tackling anxiety - how to improve self image and self acceptance' workshop by Sam Thorne
28th October 1pm - 1:45pm
Sam will guide you through a workshop of self discovery and gentle methods which you can implement in your own way and time.
The Big Freshers Nightmare
29th October 7pm - 11pm
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31st October 8am - 11pm
This event sees hundreds of students from various sports teams and societies compete, network, catch up and overall have fun on the Halloween weekend every academic year.
Dream Job Social
2nd November midnight - 3rd November midnight
Y Bañera
Victim Support: Understanding Mate Crime
2nd November 1pm - 2pm
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‘How procrastination and productivity problems relate to self sabotage and not to laziness (and why self compassion and self care is the answer)’ workshop by Lucy Orton
4th November 11am - 11:45am
In this session, Lucy Orton, anti-self-sabotage expert, podcaster and positive psychology coach will talk about the myths and misunderstandings surrounding what makes us productive.
British Icons Social
9th November midnight - 10th November midnight
Y Bañera
'Emotional wellbeing - How to develop a healthy response to negative emotions that arise in yourself and others.’ Workshop by Sam Thorne
11th November 1pm - 1:45pm
Sam’s health philosophy is about living more mindfully so that we increase our intuition and start making better choices.
Aber Challenge
12th November 5pm - 14th November 11pm
Taking place over the course of three days and made up of varying disciplines, this event is about to change the game.
Pirate Social
16th November midnight - 17th November midnight
Y Bañera
Becoming an imperfectionist (and how this will lead to greater success and well-being) workshop by Lucy Orton
18th November 11am - 11:45am
Lucy will talk about her passion for imperfection and how letting go of the all-too-common perfectionist tendencies can create space for more creativity, more success and greater wellbeing.
Green Social
23rd November midnight - 24th November midnight
Academic Rep Festival
27th November 1pm - 4pm
Arts Festival
29th November 8am - 3rd December 11pm
Recent events have shown us how valuable the arts and entertainment sectors are in our lives. We want to bring people together to celebrate just that, so we are offering you an opportunity to express your creative side by exhibiting your work to the
Understanding impostor syndrome (and how to push past it to find success) workshop by Lucy Orton
2nd December 11am - 11:45am
Lucy will talk about pushing past imposter syndrome and creating more abundant success in all aspects of your life.
'Positive Psychology Techniques for Supporting Wellbeing & Self-compassion' Workshop by Paula Dixon and Marjorie Raymond
9th December 11am - 11:45am
This practical session will support you in increasing your ability to demonstrate positive coping and build resilience.
'Using your Values to support Positive Wellbeing & Goal Setting' Workshop by Paula Dixon and Marjorie Raymond
16th December 11am - 11:45am
Underpinned by positive psychology, this practical workshop takes a deep dive into how personal values may be used to support wellbeing.
Guide Dogs: Canine Calming
19th January 11am - 3pm
Student Volunteer Week
7th February 9am - 13th February 9am
Women's Superteams
11th February 6pm - 13th February 11pm
If you don’t know, Superteams is THE must attend event of the year. Hosted by the Students’ Union, students organise themselves into teams of 10 and compete in a huge variety of activities and sports across the weekend.
Men's Superteams
18th February 6pm - 20th February 11pm
If you don’t know, Superteams is THE must attend event of the year. Hosted by the Students’ Union, students organise themselves into teams of 10 and compete in a huge variety of activities and sports across the weekend.
This Girl Can Week
7th March midnight - 13th March midnight
The ‘This Girl Can’ campaign was originally created to show that women should be able to get active or play sport and feel comfortable doing so no matter what ability, shape or size.
Guide Dogs: Canine Calming
16th March 11am - 3pm
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Societies Festival
26th March 8am - 11pm
Take two: after having to cancel the 2020 event and host the 2021 solely online, Aberystwyth Students' Union along with Bangor Students' Union are happy to announce the brand-new SOCIETIES FESTIVAL!
26th March 8am - 11pm
This year’s Varsity will take place on Saturday 26th March 2022 across various sports venues in Aberystwyth. The tournament sees hundreds of students from over 30 sports teams compete for the Aber vs Bangor Varsity Trophy.
Aber 7's
30th April 8am - 1st May 10pm
Held in the lovely seaside town of Aberystwyth; THE biggest Rugby 7s festival in Wales will once again take place on the first bank holiday in May; 30th April - 1st May 2022.
Guide Dogs: Canine Calming
11th May 11am - 3pm
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