Freshers is all about helping you settle in, make friends and love your new home!

We are hosting a wide range of events and activities in various formats during the first few weeks to make sure new and returning students don’t miss out on the Aber experience.
During our Welcome Week we’ve got a range of things going on to introduce you to University life. It’s jam-packed with opportunities to meet new people & make friends.
Our activities & events are for everyone; from new students just out of school, mature students and returning students…we’ve got something for everyone.

Please be wary and stay safe online

All AberSU events will be listed on our events calendar on our website and will be accompanied by our official SU logo or welcome logo.
Be careful of scams or companies trying to sell tickets for events not promoted via official channels.

Upcoming Events

Give It a Go
23rd September 9am - 6th October 11:59pm
Give It a Go is where student groups host a free session for you to try something new.
Glasfyfyrwyr / Freshers | Team Aber | UMAber / AberSU

We can't wait to welcome you to Aberystwyth in September! Our page will be updated with freshers tips, events and blogs between now and the start of the academic year. Follow us @UMAberSU