Aberystwyth’s Welsh Students' Union (UMCA – Undeb Myfyrwyr Cymraeg Aberystwyth).

UMCA is an Union which comes under the umbrella of the Students' Union.  It was established specifically for protecting the rights and interests of all Welsh students at the University.

UMCA represents its members from a social, linguistic and educational perspective. The UMCA office is situated in Pantycelyn so that all members can access them anytime!

It was established in 1973, a very tumultuous time in the Welsh language movement. The formation of such a union was a huge step in the fight for the rights of Welsh students. But these days, UMCA has grown into a movement with a very influential voice and has representation on some of the main boards, chambers and meetings in the University.

In recent years we have ensured that the University and the Students’ Union have bilingualism policies; that is that the Students' Union and the university produce everything bilingually and that the Welsh language is given equal status. In addition, we provide free Welsh lessons for learners and we also communicate with students from other countries about the Welsh language.

As a student at Aberystwyth you will create memories that will last a lifetime, and UMCA is here to ensure satisfaction to all its members year after year.