Election Results

Each year we use democratic elections to help decide who should speak and work for you on a range of issues while you’re a student at Aberystwyth University.

Here you can find the results of our elections from the last several years.

You can download the results for all elections including those covering academic reps, sport clubs and society committees, conference delegates, volunteer officers and full-time officers.


2019 NUS Conference and Autumn By-Elections

2019 Spring By-Elections

2019 Spring Officer Elections

2018 NUS Conference and Autumn By-Elections

2018 Autumn Academic Rep Elections

2018 Spring Academic Rep Elections

2018 Spring Club and Society Elections

2018 Spring Officer Elections


Spring 2018 Officer Elections

Full time positions

Welsh Culture officer and UMCA President : Anna Jones

Academic Affairs Officer : Megan Hatfield

Student Opportunities Officer : Louisa Fletcher

AberSU President : Bruce Wight

Wellbeing Officer : Molly-Jean Longden


Volunteer positions

Union Chairperson : Natasha Jacobs

Women’s Officer : Sophie Thompson

International Students’ Officer : Karolina Ozarowska

Black, Asian, & Minority Ethnic Officer (BAME) : Ammaara Nalban

Environment and Sustainability Officer : James Clarke

Mature Students Officer : Jon Harding

LGBTQ+ Officer: Steve Mason


Institute Representatives

Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences Institute Rep - IBERS (UG) : Joao Louro

Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science Institute Rep - IMPACS (UG) : Troy Wenham

Geography, History, Politics & Psychology Institute Rep - IGHPP (UG) : Chloe Wilkinson-Silk

Arts & Humanities - IAH (UG) : Roisin Donnelly

Business & Law Institute Rep - IBL (UG): Dhanjeet Ramnatsing