Election Results

AberSU Elections Results 2018/19

Spring Officer Elections | Academic Reps | Sports Club and Societies

Results - Spring 2018 Officer Elections (a record breaking turnout of 36%)

Full time positions

Welsh Culture officer and UMCA President : Anna Jones

Academic Affairs Officer : Megan Hatfield

Student Opportunities Officer : Louisa Fletcher

AberSU President : Bruce Wight

Wellbeing Officer : Molly-Jean Longden


Volunteer positions

Union Chairperson : Natasha Jacobs

Women’s Officer : Sophie Thompson

International Students’ Officer : Karolina Ozarowska

Black, Asian, & Minority Ethnic Officer (BAME) : Ammaara Nalban

Environment and Sustainability Officer : James Clarke

Mature Students Officer : Jon Harding

LGBTQ+ Officer: Steve Mason


Institute Representatives

Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences Institute Rep - IBERS (UG) : Joao Louro

Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science Institute Rep - IMPACS (UG) : Troy Wenham

Geography, History, Politics & Psychology Institute Rep - IGHPP (UG) : Chloe Wilkinson-Silk

Arts & Humanities - IAH (UG) : Roisin Donnelly

Business & Law Institute Rep - IBL (UG): Dhanjeet Ramnatsing


Thank you to everyone who stood and congratulations to the winners, we look forward to working with you from September 2018!

A full breakdown of voting is available on request by e-mailing union.elections@aber.ac.uk

Positions where Re-open nominations (RON) where elected will re-open in September 2018.


Aberystwyth Business School

Year 2 Accounting Representative:                                         Kirsty Harrison

Year 3 Accounting Representative:                                         Agata Blaszkiewicz

Year 3 Business and Management Representative:               Clare Scally


Aberystwyth Law School

Year 3 Criminology Representative:                                       Alexander Magee

Year 3 LLB Representative:                                                   Rashdan Rahmad


Department of Computer Science

Year 2 Comp Sci Representative:                                          Michael Male       &        RON


Department of English and Creative Writing

Year 2 Creative Writing Representative:                                Shannon Black

Year 3 English Literature Representative:                             Judy Hazeldene

Year 2 English Literature Representative:                             Jessica Thompson


Department of Geography and Earth Sciences

Year 2 Human Geography Representative:                          Ellen Hjort

Year 3 Environmental Earth Science Representative:          Holly Walder

Year 3 Physical Geography Representative:                        Hannah Dyer

Year 3 Human Geography Representative:                          Katie Regan


Department of History and Welsh History

Year 2 History Representative:        Molly Stubbs       &       Christopher Dale


Department of International Politics

Year 2 Representative:             RON

Year 3 Representative:             Sabrina Mangham       &        Sarah Lehmkuehler


Department of Mathematics

Year 3 Representative:           Joel Greenwood       &       Panna Karlinger


Department of Physics

Year 3 Representative:          Paola Montoya       &       Leandra Craine

Year 4 Representative:          Gareth Stephens

Year 2 Representative:          Frankie Targett       &       Kate Warren


Department of Psychology

Year 2 Representative:          Priyasha Das

Year 3 Representative:          Kieran Metson      &       Angelika Pastuszko


Department of Theatre, Film and Television

Year 2 Film and Television Studies Representative:                   Rory Chapman

Year 2 Joint Honours Representative:                                         Sian Lyden

Year 2 Media and Communication Studies Representative:       Harvey Franks

Year 3 Film and Television Studies Representative:                   Jess Ivers

Year 3 Joint Honours Representative:                                         Kim Hope

Year 3 Scenography and Theatre Design Representative:         Kristin Lundy



Year 2 Animal and Aquatic Sciences Representative:       RON

Year 3 Biology and Health Representative:                        RON


School of Art

Year 3 Representative:                 Benjamin Johnson


School of Education

Year 2 Childhood Studies Representative:                                        Sunny Cheng       &       Skye Meredith

Year 3 Education and International Development Representative:   Sarah Dunmall

Year 3 Childhood Studies Representative:                                        Alex Burrows



Thank you to everyone who stood and voted! Congratulations to the winners, we look forward to working with you from September 2018!

A full breakdown of voting is available on request by emailing union.elections@aber.ac.uk.



Expeditions - Secretary                           Rebecca Round

Expeditions - Treasurer                           Jack Westwood

Expeditions - President                           Benjamin Hughes

Expeditions - Gear Secretary                  Rhiannon Kamink



ACV - President                                     Cameron Wright

ACV - Secretary (Term 1)                      Lauren Dunkley

ACV - Treasurer                                    Tristan Worssam

ACV - Tools Officer                                Connor Ringland


Medievel Renactment                        

Medieval Renactment - President              Kristin Lundy

Medieval Renactment - Vice President      Jonny Hepburn


Pole & Aerial Fitness                          

Pole & Aerial Fitness - President               Becca Osborne



ACOG - President                                   Harry Adams

ACOG - Vice President                           Nate Slade

ACOG - Secretary                                   Sarah Cole

ACOG - Social Secretary                        William Lewis Evans


The Biz                                              

The Biz - President                                 Nikeela Erin Uprichard

The Biz - Vice-President                         Max Kossatz

The Biz - Secretary                                 Daisy Hill

The Biz - Social Secretary                      Jake Lawrence

The Biz - AberPreneurs Chairman          Alexander Magee



Badminton - Social Secretary                   Yong Jing & Lydia McGann