Tîm Aber All Stars Accreditation

The Tîm Aber All Stars Accreditation Scheme is Aber SU's way of recognising the development of our Clubs and Societies, alongside celebrating the brilliant things that they achieve. Our scheme helps you benchmark your development, ensure that you offer the best possible experience for your members and supporters, build sustainability, boost your reputation and gain access to a number of group perks.

If you have any questions about the accreditation scheme feel free to get in touch with your Student Opportunities Officer on suopportunities@aber.ac.uk 


How does it work?

Any student group affiliated to Aber SU can take part. Your group can achieve 4-star, 3-star, 2-star or 1-star accreditation. 


  • Submit evidence in the accompanying folder on your group's MS Team
  • Staff will review the submitted evidence termly and update accordingly. Alternatively, email your Student Opportunities Officer (suopportunities@aber.ac.uk) when you think you have reached a new level of accreditation
  • You can track your progress in the accompanying file on your group's MS Team

Whilst the biggest benefit of taking part in the scheme is a highly effective student group, rewards are offered to those who gain accreditation.


4-star Rewards


  • Surprise treat for committee members to celebrate achieving accreditation
  • Celebrated during Awards Season
  • Advertised as 4-star on SU website
  • Premium stall at Welcome Fair & inclusion in marketing materials
  • Premium stall at Refreshers Fair & inclusion in marketing materials
  • Guaranteed publicity about your group on our comms channels.
  • 10 groups drawn to receive a £50 grant to spend on improving the student group, e.g. promotional materials, equipment, etc.
  • 4-star e-badge


3-star Rewards


  • Celebrated during Awards Season
  • Advertised as 3-star on SU website
  • Priority space at Welcome Fair & inclusion in marketing materials
  • Priority space at Refreshers Fair & inclusion in marketing materials
  • Publicity for the student group through website articles and social media
  • 5 groups drawn to receive a £35 grant to spend on improving the student group, e.g. promotional materials, equipment, etc.
  • 3-star e-badge


2-star Rewards


  • Celebrated during Awards Season
  • Advertised as 2-star on SU website
  • 3 groups drawn to receive a £25 grant to spend on improving the student group, e.g. promotional materials, equipment, etc.
  • 2-star e-badge


1-star Rewards


  • Celebrated during Awards Season
  • Advertised as 1-star on SU website
  • 1-star e-badge



SU Participation


Excellent (Level 4): At least one member of the Club/Society stands for Election in SU Annual Elections OR 50% of whole Club/Society registered members vote in SU Annual Elections

Very Good (Level 3): At least 2 committee members present at zones with 1 idea to Senedd or a zone in the academic year

Good (Level 2): At least 2 committee members present at the BIG Meeting (AGM)

Developing (Level 1): Participates in Freshers Fair/Refreshers Fair/This Girl Can




Excellent (Level 4): Club/Society membership increased 20% from previous academic year

Very Good (Level 3): Club/Society membership increased at least 10% from previous academic year

Good (Level 2): Club/Society maintains same membership number as previous academic year

Developing (Level 1): Demonstrates attempts to gain members e.g. through stalls, social media, events or works with SU to organise taster sessions for non-members




Excellent (Level 4): Club/Society organises a one-off big event/campaign targeted at their members (RAG event)

Very Good (Level 3): Club/Society offers or engages with personal development (e.g. coach education courses, workshops, etc.)

Good (Level 2): Club/Society hosts regular activities for their members directly linked their outlined aims and objectives

Developing (Level 1): Aims and objectives of the Club/Society are outlined on the group's webpage




Excellent (Level 4): Club/Society collaborates with community groups/charities to run a partnered event or fundraiser

Very Good (Level 3): Club/Society collaborated with other Clubs/Societies on or off campus to run a partnered activity, event, or fundraiser

Good (Level 2): Club/Society members participated in volunteering opportunities

Developing (Level 1): Club/Society fundraises for Charity, contributing to the annual SU RAG total




Excellent (Level 4): Committee publishes minutes from key meetings with their members AND 70% of members and all committee members vote in AGM committee elections

Very Good (Level 3): Committee elections held democratically with 50% of members and all committee members voting in AGM

Good (Level 2): All committee training is attended by at least two relevant committee members AND each committee member has attended at least one session

Developing (Level 1): Up-to-date committee details and core documents on website and MS Teams AND all committee members registered as a volunteer




Excellent (Level 4): Club/Society produces creative marketing campaigns and materials AND Club/Society activities use the Welsh language when promoting events/membership

Very Good (Level 3): Club/Society effectively engages with the SU social media AND Club/Society submits termly news stories to SU

Good (Level 2): Club/Society effectively uses at least one social media platform to promote their activities AND Club/Society has their Welsh webpage updated and consistent with English

Developing (Level 1): Club/Society keeps webpage up-to-date with events/activities, a unique logo, a clear description of the Club/Soc and how students can get involved




Excellent (Level 4): Club/Society produces and consistently updates an income/expenditure sheet AND Can demonstrate membership income is put towards resources that benefit their members

Very Good (Level 3): Club/Society generates income from external sponsorship, funding and fundraising following SU procedures

Good (Level 2): Club/Society produces a forecasted budget sheet for the year ahead

Developing (Level 1): Club/Society President and Treasurer have attended and passed the 'Finance, Budgeting & Fundraising' committee training and completed the mandate form




Excellent (Level 4): All committee members to have attended No Excuses Training with the SU Wellbeing Officer

Very Good (Level 3): Club/Society hosts at least 4 non-alcohol socials/events throughout the year

Good (Level 2): Club/Society have signed the No Excuses Pledge

Developing (Level 1): At least 2 committee members attended and passed the 'Behaviour, Rules and Expectations' session during committee training




Excellent (Level 4): Club/Society attempt to reasonably manage one or more potential barriers faced by students joining, and staying a part of, your group

Very Good (Level 3): Club/Society organises or plays a key role in an event celebrating diversity

Good (Level 2): At least two committee members have attended and passed the 'Welfare, Diversity and Inclusion' committee training

Developing (Level 1): Club/Society displays an inclusivity statement on their webpage




Excellent (Level 4): Club/Society can demonstrate a positive wellbeing impact of members with member quotes/testimonies/article

Very Good (Level 3): Club/Society hosts a positive wellbeing activity/event for their members

Good (Level 2): 2 committee members completed SU Resilience Training AND/OR 2 committee members trained in SU Suicide prevention

Developing (Level 1): Engagement in events that promote positive wellbeing




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