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The ESNcard is the membership card of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). With the ESNcard, we aim to support the Erasmus generation of students and trainees during their time abroad by giving them access to affordable opportunities. As a cardholder, you can enjoy the wide range of promotions and discounts the card gives within housing (Hostelling International), travel and transport (Ryanair, Flixbus), leisure (the Economist subscription), hospitality services and more locally, nationally and internationally across the whole of Europe). The card is valid for one year from date of purchase so you can freely use the card after you go back home or while travelling across Europe. ESN Aberystwyth have several partnerships with a wide variety of local businesses in town - from food outlets to transport - which adds to the local value of the card within Ceredigion, making it a worthwhile investment and attractive opportunity for Aberystwyth students. A complete list of current partners locally can be found here. You can access all of these benefits and discounts for only £10 ! But who can get the ESNcard? Any registered Aberystwyth student is eligible to purchase the ESNcard and enjoy the benefits and discounts it offers - whether you are an exchange, international, local, undergraduate, postgraduate, part-time or full-time student. Next to that, members of ESN Aberystwyth holding a card can get to use of discounts on most of our socials and events! Please note that an ESNcard is not mandatory to attend our events. The card can be purchased online on this page or at the Student's Union Reception during opening hours. After getting your card, register your card on and within a few steps you get access to the benefits and discounts the card offers. Are you not a student but doing an Erasmus traineeship placement in Wales? As a local ESN section based in Wales we can arrange a card for you even though you are placed outside of Aberystwyth. For the latest updated overview of the partners and discounts you can access with the cards can be found here: Any local questions and enquiries about the ESNcard can be directed to or by contacting the treasurer of ESN Aberystwyth directly.

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