Academic Representatives

What are Academic Reps?

Academic Reps are students who have been elected by fellow students on their course or in their department to feedback the views of those they represent to their Department, the University and Students’ Union.

They work with their Institute Rep and Academic Affairs Officer in representing students by attending Staff Student Consultative Committees to raise and respond to student feedback.

Who is my Academic Rep?

There are a number ways to find out who your Academic rep is, we initially recommend checking Blackboard, where we are aware many departments already post details or reps, we are also this year working hard with IS to ensure details of rep’s specific to each student are visible.

Please be aware it can take 4-6 weeks for details to be received and uploaded although we continue to work to increase the speed and consistency of this across departments.

Alternatively, you can speak to a member of your course team or contact the Academic Representation Coordinator by emailing who will be able to put you in contact with your Academic Rep.

Why should I become an Academic Rep?

We believe that the student voice matters and work to ensure students views, needs and concerns shape your Department, University and Students’ Union.  By becoming an Academic Rep, you will have been elected by fellow students and therefore who better to represent their views?

You’ll develop new and existing skills, enhance your employability and join a network of like-minded students involved with the Students’ Union.

As well as receiving a certificate and having the role recognised on your HEAR transcript upon completion; you will have the chance to be nominated for ‘Academic Rep of the Year’ in our end of year awards.

How can I become an Academic Rep?

Elections take place in March and April for Academic Reps returning the following academic year, as well as September and October for new starters as well as any positions not elected to earlier in the year.

While the process varies whether a department elects online or in lectures, the role should first be introduced and explained to all students with students asked to put themselves forward where interested.

Where the number of students standing at less or equal (i.e. uncontested) to the number of positions available, majority agreement should be sought that they are happy for students to take on the role.

Where positions are contested there will usually be process where each person standing can put forward why they believe they will be an effective rep and should be elected by others. Once complete an election will take place, the results of which should be communicated to all students.

What training and support is provided?

All Academic Reps are invited to attend one training session on election to the role. This year we will be renaming our training: Beginners and Returners Training, dependent on whether you have been an Academic Rep previously.

As well as training, you’ll receive a newsletter at least once a month with relevant updates, information and opportunities relating to your role – this will include the chance to attend regional and national conferences to meet reps from other institutions.

The Academic Affairs Officer and Academic Representation Coordinator are also on hand throughout the year to organise regular catch-ups, additional training opportunities and provide ongoing support should you need it.

How do I book onto training?

You can book onto training when you register for the role either as a canidate or once elected by your department. Attendance at training is a requirement for certification of the role.