Academic & Faculty Representatives

What our reps say about their role…

“The feeling that you are having a positive impact on your fellow students by helping shape your course is the most rewarding thing about being a rep.”

Sean, Year 3 Computer Science and Institute Rep

“To be a rep is an amazing opportunity to be able to improve the student experience, not only for current students but future ones as well. Communicating where the student body can see ideas for improvement and continuation, and seeing those things come to life, is amazing.”

Jenny, Joint Honours Rep for History and Interpol


This is your opportunity to tell us what you think about academic representation at Aberystwyth University. Your views are important to us and we use what you say in this survey to make improvements to how the academic representation system works.

Not only are we asking Academic Reps to complete the survey, but we are also asking students and staff to complete an almost identical survey so that we can compare each group’s opinions and make changes to suit everyone involved.

In completing the survey you will also have chance to win one £25 Amazon vouhcer and one of two £20 vouchers of your choice.

Student Survey -


Academic Rep Survey -


Need help?

You can get in touch with our Academic Representation Coordinator or Academic Affairs Officer, Emma Beenham by emailing