Welsh Culture & UMCA

Gwion Llwyd

Welsh Culture Officer & UMCA President

“Gwion is the voice for Welsh culture & Welsh language students in Aberystwyth.”

This role focuses on promoting Welsh culture giving Aber students the opportunity to learn, speak and live the language.

Twitter: @WCUAberSU | E-mail: suwelsh@aber.ac.uk

About Gwion:

I’m from Penygroes, near Caernarfon and I studied History & Welsh History.

One of the main reasons I chose to study in Aberystwyth was knowing in advance that there was a strong Welsh speaking community here. Having spoken with a number of former students and former UMCA members, they had nothing but praise for the Welsh language community that we have here. And Aberystwyth as a town is an attraction in itself.

UMCA has played a significant part in my three unforgettable years as a student here in Aberystwyth. My commitment to ensuring that the Welsh voice is sustained within the University is one of the main reasons why I stood for this role. One of my main aims is to ensure that the University gives a guarantee that Pantycelyn will reopen as a Welsh medium hall of residence.

I'm looking forward to making sure that there's a strong Welsh voice within the University. It's essential that Welsh speaking students feel that they can live their lives through the medium of Welsh here in Aberystwyth, and I'm keen to establish this during the year ahead. I'm also looking forward to introducing new ideas within UMCA, and I will try to develop them and offer more opportunities for Welsh speakers to join up and participate in our events.