Welsh Culture & UMCA

Anna Wyn

Welsh Culture Officer & UMCA President

“Anna is the voice for Welsh culture & Welsh language students in Aberystwyth.”

This role focuses on promoting Welsh culture giving Aber students the opportunity to learn, speak and live the language.

Twitter: @WCUAberSU | E-mail: suwelsh@aber.ac.uk

About Anna:

Hello, I'm Anna Wyn Jones and I'm UMCA President and Welsh Culture Officer for 2018/19. I've studied Professional Welsh here in Aberystwyth and I'm graduating this year. I'm originally from Llanrug near Caernarfon, but I'm looking forward to staying in Aberystwyth for another year.

I decided to stand for this role because I wanted to continue to offer great opportunities to our Welsh speaking students, just like the amazing ones I had. There's no doubt that Aberystwyth University is a great place to study and socialise, and the social aspect has been very important to me. It therefore made sense for me to want to stay on and organise exciting events through the medium of Welsh.

I'm really looking forward to representing Welsh speaking students and providing them with unforgettable university experiences.

About the Role:

The Welsh Culture officer and UMCA President is responsible for:

  • Ensuring adequate representation of Welsh culture and the Welsh language within the Students’ Union and ensure promotion of the bilingualism policy.
  • Co-ordinating activity and campaigns relating to the interests of Welsh-speakers and learners.
  • Representing the needs of members in Welsh-medium Halls of Residence.
  • Ensuring that AberSU is kept aware of local and national issues affecting Welshspeaking students.
  • Lobbying NUS to provide adequate Welsh cultural language representation.
  • Working with the Chief Executive Officers and AUSU’s senior management team to achieve and shape strategic aims and outcomes.
  • Attending appropriate University Committees.
  • Attending regular meetings with relevant University departments to further the needs of Welsh-speakers and learners.