Welsh Culture & UMCA

Mared Edwards

Welsh Culture Officer & UMCA President

“Mared is the voice for Welsh culture & Welsh language students in Aberystwyth.”

This role focuses on promoting Welsh culture giving Aber students the opportunity to learn, speak and live the language.

E-mail: suwelsh@aber.ac.uk

About the Role:

The Welsh Culture officer and UMCA President is responsible for:

  • Ensuring adequate representation of Welsh culture and the Welsh language within the Students’ Union and ensure promotion of the bilingualism policy.
  • Co-ordinating activity and campaigns relating to the interests of Welsh-speakers and learners.
  • Representing the needs of members in Welsh-medium Halls of Residence.
  • Ensuring that AberSU is kept aware of local and national issues affecting Welshspeaking students.
  • Lobbying NUS to provide adequate Welsh cultural language representation.
  • Working with the Chief Executive Officers and AUSU’s senior management team to achieve and shape strategic aims and outcomes.
  • Attending appropriate University Committees.
  • Attending regular meetings with relevant University departments to further the needs of Welsh-speakers and learners.

University Committees/Meetings Attended:

  • University Council
  • Senate
  • Academic Board
  • Governance and Compliance Committee
  • Welsh Medium Provision Committee
  • Welsh Language Operational Group

Current Priorities

Below you can find a list of priorities Mared is working on this year as well as her current progress on them…


Improve the provision of Welsh language and translation services in Welsh language modules

  • Create and promote an online reporting system for Welsh medium courses which have untranslated English-only lectures and materials
  • Develop strong working relationship with Welsh Academic Representatives


Ensure there are more student support services available through the medium of Welsh

  • Organise 2 events a term to promote the mental health needs of Welsh language students who identify as men
  • Monitor the number of Welsh language students accessing student support services


Rebuild the relationship between Welsh students across all resident areas and make UMCA more inclusive to learners/2nd language students

  • 8 events or mixer sessions organised
  • Attend 2 meetings per term with the Residence Life Team



*denotes policy as passed democratically by Aberystwyth students. Find out more here.

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