Student Opportunities

Jessica Williams

Student Opportunities

“Jessica is the student voice for sports, societies and volunteering opportunities”

Her role focuses on giving Aber students the best student journey possible and giving them more than just a degree.

Twitter: @SOAberSU | E-mail:

About Jessica

Hi! I’m Jess from Caerphilly in South Wales. I studied Drama, Theatre & Film and Television.

I chose to study in Aberystwyth as I love the student town atmosphere. As it is such a tight community, friends live five minutes away and so is our beautiful campus. Minutes away from glorious beaches the sun set is breath taking and having both worlds of student and beach life I could never get bored.

I chose to stand for this role as I was very involved with the union while studying here. In my second year I was the social secretary of the Taranau cheerleaders and in my third year I was elected as captain. Having this experience, I wanted to explore the Opportunities Officer position and take on a new challenge.

This year will be a challenging yet exiting experience for me, and I am looking forward to what the role will hold. I am also looking forward to working with students and comparing my experience within the job position as I can understand what the students want.