Academic Affairs

Chloe Wilkinson-Silk 

Academic Affairs

“Chloe is the student voice for all things academic”

Her role focuses on promoting our students’ academic interests.

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About the Role

The Academic Affairs officer is be responsible for:

  • Representing the student body on matters relating to academic affairs, including international and postgraduate students, and widening participation.
  • Co-ordinating activity and campaigns relating to academic affairs.
  • Informing policy within the University and Students’ Union on matters relating to academic affairs.
  • Supporting and developing a network of academic representatives by chairing the Academic Zone.
  • Working with the Chief Executive Officers and AUSU’s senior management team to achieve and shape strategic aims and outcomes.
  • Attending appropriate University Committees.
  • Attending regular meetings with relevant University departments to further the development of academic interests.

University Committees/Meetings Attended:

  • University Senate
  • Academic Board
  • Research Board
  • Student Experience Committee
  • Research Degrees Committee
  • Technology Enhanced Learning Committee
  • Collaborative Provision Board
  • Faculty Academic Affairs Committees
  • Student Voice Working Group
  • Attendance Monitoring Working Group
  • Personal Tutor Working Group
  • Assessment and Feedback Working Group
  • Academic Regulations Due to Coronavirus Working Group

Current Priorities

Below you can find a list of priorities Chloe is working on this year as well as her current progress on them…


Lobby at all levels for the UK to maintain access to ERASMUS+ for Aberystwyth University students post Brexit.*


Ensure students, staff and representatives understand the purpose and value of academic representation and each role within that representation system.


Ensure equal access to academic resources and online tools both on and off campus.*


Review the processes used to allocate the number of credits a module is worth to ensure a student’s time and work is proportionately valued and credited.


Continue to seek and gather student feedback into ongoing development of the Teaching Excellence Framework and feed these into ongoing policy debates.*


Continue to seek and gather student feedback on their experiences of Assessment and Feedback and feed these into the University (as appropriate).*


*denotes policy as passed democratically by Aberystwyth students.

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