Sexual Harassment Reporting

No Means No - Keeping Campus Safe from Sexual Harassment

This year AberSU has passed a new Sexual Harassment Policy which sets out a zero-tolerance stance towards sexual harassment at Aberystwyth University; this includes the creation of an online reporting form below (which accepts anonymous and third-party reports) as well as signposting to appropriate support services.

Sexual Harassment includes unwanted sexual comments, unwelcome sexual invitations or offensive gestures, wolf whistling, catcalling, uninvited bodily contact including groping, pinching or smacking of your body, having clothing lifted or removed without agreeing, or someone exposing their sexual organs without consent.

Aberystwyth University has set guidelines for dealing with Harassment or Bullying which sets out the personal responsibility expected of student, staff and visitors to treat each other with respect and dignity.

If you feel like you are being harassed or bullied you can make a complaint to the university using these guidelines. The AberSU Advice Service can help you with this as well as give you the support that you need.