Roles: Student Trustee

As a charity, the Students’ Union has a Board of Trustees. This Board is made up of twelve Trustees: the five Full-time elected officers; two elected students (1 undergraduate and 1 postgraduate); and five external Trustees appointed for their specialist knowledge in areas such as law and finance to provide independent expertise for the Board.

The overall role of the Board is to ensure that the Union is well run, meeting its aims and working within the legal and constitutional framework laid down. Trustees are not involved in day to day affairs, but take an overview of how the Union is performing, both financially and in delivering services to students.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Making sure the decisions that the Union makes are in the best interests of the Union and its members
  • Setting the long term plans and direction of the Union
  • Making sure the Union uses its financial resources properly and that it is financially viable
  • Ensuring the Union works within the law and constitution

Role Descriptions:

Postgraduate Student Trustee

Undergraduate Student Trustee 

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