Why should I stand?


Being an Academic Rep is simple, but important role.

 Here are our top 5 reasons to stand:

  • Make a difference
  • Develop your leadership and communication Skills
  • Strengthen your CV by taking on a role outside of your studies
  • Get to know staff and students in your department
  • Speak up for your education and help make sure it's the best it can be!

Volunteer Officers

There are endless reasons why you should stand to be a Volunteer Officer or Faculty Representative. In summary though, it is a great opportunity that allows you to make changes for students on campus by working with staff and students on something you’re passionate about. In the case of conference delegates, you're speaking on behalf of Aberystwyth students! You will become closer part of the Aber family while developing skills and enjoying new experiences that you can take with you into the future.


Who can stand?


Academic Reps: Standing is open to all UG and PG students.

Volunteer Officers: As long as you’re a student at Aberystwyth University from September 2021, you can stand for the relevent role.


How do I stand?


You can stand by completing our online form before 12pm, Monday 11th October 2021.

Standing only takes a couple of minutes, which includes uploading a photo and putting forward publicity. You will be able to log-in the candidate hub until 112pm, Monday 11th October 2021. to add or update this information.

Publicity due to the large volume of candidates in this election, the Students' Union is unable to provide translation services and due to our bilingual policy, cannot display any publicity on your behalf. Instead, you can provide a link to an external website (for example a social media page or blog website) where you can encourage students to vote for you. This link will then be included on the ballot paper.

Photo: We encourage you to upload a photo. This photo will be used on the voting ballot paper. If you’re successful in the elections this photo will then be shared with your department and used to promote you and your role to students. We will only accept photos of individuals with no obstructions and ideally against a light background. Please also ensure your photo does not contain any logos of the Union, University or affiliated groups including clubs and society clothing.


When does standing close?


You have 4 weeks to stand for a position!

Standing closes 12pm, Monday 19th April 2021.


I don't know if I should stand or not?


You can pop into the Students’ Union for a chat with one of our staff members who will give you support and advice. Just ask to speak to someone about the elections at reception.

Speak to friends, tutors and family members to get some guidance.


What role should I go for?


Academic Reps: You may be eligible to stand for more than one position, but please be aware you can only stand for one Academic Rep position. If there are multiple options displayed, please choose the position that is of most interest to you or speak to staff in your department to see which one suits you.

Volunteer Officers: This is up to you and the decision will depend on your experiences, interests, skills and of course in some cases, you will need to define with a group in order to represent these students.   

It’s important to think about what you will enjoy, feel you can contribute to and/or improve for students.


I'm an International Student, can I stand?


Yes, you can. International students with a Tier-4 Visa may stand for a position, but please be aware you can volunteer and/or work a maximum of 20 hours per week during term-time.


I don't have the skills I need, will training be provided?


Yes! All roles receive training delivered by the Students’ Union prior to undertaking the role. You don’t need to have any specific knowledge, skills or experience.

To be successful you need to be organised, committed, happy to speak to staff and students about a range of topics and of course, you need to be enthusiastic about the role!


Who can I contact if I have a problem?


Pop into the Students’ Union to speak to a member of the elections team or drop them an email.

Amy, Academic Rep Coordinator - alg51@aber.ac.uk.

Returning Officer union.elections@aber.ac.uk


Is the standing process complicated?


No – the standing process is quick, easy and simple. You can stand by completing our online form.


When do I have to submit a publicity link or photo?


Publicity Link and Photo don’t need to be submitted until the 12pm, Monday 11th October 2021. You can do this by logging into your Candidates Profile once you’ve stood.

Academic Reps – https://www.abersu.co.uk/shapeaber/elections/electionshub/academicrepprofile/

Volunteer Officers - https://www.abersu.co.uk/shapeaber/elections/electionshub/officerprofile/

It is not compulsory to submit publicity link or photo, but it is in your best interests to create something to tell students about the kinds of issues that interest you and if known what you’d like to achieve.

Publicity links and photos will be available on the Students’ Union website and linked to from the online voting pages.

Publicity Link to an external website (for example social media page or blog website) and Photo appear on the voting pages and are where you can explain to students why they should vote for you.


What happens during the standing period?


You will probably see messages across campus and on your course about the Academic Rep elections.

The Students’ Union is here to support you through the whole process and has a dedicated team on hand for anything you may need during this time.


When do the names of students standing become public??


Candidates names will be realised by 7pm Moday 11th October. Publicity Links and Photos for each candidate will go live on the first day of voting, Monday 18th October! 





What are the dates for voting?


Voting opens 10am, on Monday 18th October and closes 12pm, on Friday 22nd October. Voting will be via ApAber or via a unique voting link sent via email.


Who can vote?


Any full time student on a course where a candidate is standing.


What happens during the voting period?


This is where all students who are standing compete for the positions they are standing for. This week of voting sees those standing speaking and engaging with students in a variety of ways to get people to vote for them.

Students can vote online via ApAber or via a unique voting code, and more information will be released closer to the time.


What happens with results?


At 6pm on Friday 22nd October, the results will be released on the AberSU website. All candidates will also receive an email with the results.



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