Roles: Academic Reps

What is an Academic Rep?

Academic Reps are students who collect feedback and speak on behalf of other students to help make your University education and experience the best it can be!

Academic Reps are elected to their role by students on their course, or in their department. This means they have been chosen as the best person to take a lead on voicing student feedback to staff within their department, the University or the Students’ Union.

What is their role?

An Acadmeic Rep is a simple but important role, which on average takes up just 1-2 hours of your time per week! Easy!

The key commitments of an Academic Rep include:

  • Take the lead on gathering student feedback within your course or department.
  • Promote your role amongst students and make it clear how they can contact you.
  • Attend three departmental Student Staff Consultative Committees (SSCCs) a year.
  • Tell students about any changes or improvements made as a result of their feedback. 
  • Contact an appropriate staff member, officer or service when you cannot deal with an issue yourself, or the issue is not course related.

Why should I become an Academic Rep?

We believe that the student voice matters most and work to ensure students views, needs and concerns shape your Department, University and Students’ Union. By becoming an Academic Rep, you will have been elected by fellow students and therefore who better to represent their views!


What training and support is provided?

All Academic Reps are invited to attend a training session once elected to the role. Training lasts no more than 2 hours and is tailored to reps depending on whether they are a beginner or a returner. 

As well as training, everyone receives a newsletter at least once a month with relevant updates, information and opportunities relating to the role – this will include the chance to attend regional and national conferences to meet reps from other institutions.

The Academic Affairs Officer and Academic Representation Coordinator are also on hand throughout the year to organise regular catch-ups, additional training opportunities and provide ongoing support should you need it.