Election Jargon Buster

We know that the world of voter registration can seem quite complicated and technical. So, we have put together some definitions to make sure you get the most out of you voter registration work!


Electoral Commission


The Electoral Commission is the independent body which oversees the running of elections. The body regulates the amount of money that parties and individuals spend during the election. They are also responsible for the implementation of the Lobbying Act, a piece of legislation which regulates the campaigning work of charities and other organisations.


Electoral Register


The Electoral Register is the list of registered voters in a particular constituency or area. If you are not on the electoral register you are not eligible to vote.




ERO stands for Electoral Registration Officer, an appointed individual who is responsible for putting together and maintaining the electoral register.




IER stands for Individual Electoral Registration. This is a new system that came into place in June 2014. This system means everyone must register themselves to vote individually rather than the old system where one ‘head of household’ would register everyone at a property. This causes issues for block registration for students. Look at tick box enrolment as an alternative.


Local Authority


A local authority is the administrative body in local government. The affairs of your local area are managed by your local authority. The local authority is your nearest county or city council. You may want to check what areas they cover to determine who to get in contact with about voter registration.


National Insurance Number


If you were born or live in the UK then before your 16th birthday you will received your National Insurance Number. This number is used to administer national insurance contributions and as a form of identification. Under the new system of individual electoral registration your national insurance number is used in the validation process to get registered.


Polling Day


Polling day is a technical term for Election Day! This is the day when those registered are eligible to go and vote.