Get to know me: 2022 Wellbeing Officer

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Name: Cameron Curry

Short introduction: 

Hello, my name is Cameron (he/they). I’m a transmasculine, neurodiverse person with

a degree in Geography (2019-2022) and a strong passion for the liberation of minority groups and people’s wellbeing. I grew up in the West Midlands (but was born in Harrogate) and have two cats at my family home called Lester and Daisy.

Tell us an interesting or random fact about yourself...

I can play the drums.

Choose three words that best describe you:

Enthusiastic, resilient, respectful

It’s your last meal on earth…what’s on the menu? & which 3 celebrities would you invite for food?

My Mom’s messy lasagne with James May, Jonathon Goodwin, and Ginger Wildheart.

What are your hobbies or interests?

My hobbies include art, writing, gaming, walking and exploring, and cooking. I have a variety of interests, some being LGBTQ+ history and politics; disability and mental health; film and TV criticism; the food of different countries; climate change, and global warming. Being autistic, too, I have several special interests, some of which are werewolves, Marvel’s Daredevil, House M.D, Jekyll and Hyde, and Doctor Who.

Why did you choose to stand for this role?

I stood for the Wellbeing Officer role because I have always been great at and enjoyed helping others. I am an activist online for a variety of groups and movements and like to share my personal experiences with mental health, disability, gender, and neurodivergence publicly to help others. In addition, I want to use this role to learn more about others such as those who are part of the BAME community. This role will also enable me to afford gender affirming surgery which is extremely important to me.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

I’m really excited to meet and work with new people who can help me make positive changes to improve student wellbeing.

What are some of the causes you care about?

I am very enthusiastic about improving the wellbeing of trans students and sharing my personal experiences with being transgender.

What is your favourite Aberystwyth hangout?

Either the viewpoint at Penglais Woods or Kanes Bar.

If you could be an animal what would you be and why?

Definitely a domestic cat. I think they’re really cool animals, the perfect predator, with a unique fur pattern, night vision, and the ability to climb and jump.

What one thing do you think everyone should do/try at least once in their lifetime? (give a personal example if you want)

I think everyone should try complimenting a stranger whilst out and about. Whether it’s their hair style or colour, outfit, makeup, shoes, not only does it make them feel great (and could make their day) but it makes you feel good and increases your confidence.

You are on your way to work on a Monday morning…what song comes on as your soundtrack?

Freak Flag – Ryan Hamilton and the Traitors, Hell of a Day.

Name a favourite place you have visited and why.

At the end of Year 11, my school took myself and my sister to Sorrento, Italy. This was the first time we’d been out of the UK. We visited Pompeii and Herculaneum, Phlegraean Fields volcano, the Island of Capri, and saw Mount Vesuvius (it was on fire so we couldn’t climb it). It was amazing to experience a new culture, different architecture and food, and experience it all with my sister.


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