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A little goodbye message: Welsh Language Officer & UMCA President

My year as UMCA President has really flown by since starting about a year ago. I've really enjoyed representing Welsh-speaking students in every aspect of the university.

Neges hwyl fawr: Llywydd

Dwi wedi mwynhau popeth am fod yn Swyddog Llawn-Amser yn UMAber. O ymgeisio yn yr etholiadau a mynd allan i siarad â llwyth o bobl na fydden i'n siarad â nhw fel arall, i gael cyfle i weithio'n glòs gyda'r Brifysgol ar faterion pwysig sy'n effeithio ar fyfyrwyr a chael ein llais wedi'i glywed ar lefel uchaf, mae popeth wedi bod yn wych.

A little goodbye message: President

I’ve truly enjoyed everything about being a Full Time Officer at AberSU. From being able to run in the elections and get out and talk to loads of people you wouldn’t normally talk to, to being able to work closely with the university on important student issues and have your voice heard at the most senior level, everything has been amazing.

Menstruation is no joke, period.

I’ll start this off by apologising for the terrible puns that feature in this blog, I just can’t help myself! However, all jokes aside, it’s time to have a serious talk about periods. It’s a taboo topic that many people shy away from discussing, but why? Menstruation is a natural process that happens to people every month, and it’s about time that we got bloody serious about it.