Sports Awards

This page is here to provide details about the awards criteria for Sports Awards.

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Sports Person of The Year

This is awarded to the individual who has excelled in their chosen field of sport and has enhanced the reputation of sport in Aberystwyth. He or she has represented on a regional / national level or has excelled within the university sports structure.

Sports Personality of The Year

Awarded to an individual who is performing at high standards in their sport, but also shows a good sense of sportsmanship, personal flair, humour and enthusiasm in all aspects of their sport.

Gwyn Evans Trophy

Awarded in memory of a former PE lecturer and club coach, the award recognises personal dedication, commitment and a commendable sporting attitude towards achievement in sport. This is someone that takes on every role within the club, coach, player, supporter: he/she is the individual that everyone turns to in times of need.

Mary Anne Trophy

Awarded to someone who has been dedicated towards the running and administration of a particular club. He or she is the unsung hero who sits at the desk inputting emails or collecting money.

Club of The Year

The club of the year is the most coveted and sought-after award within TeamAber. This is awarded to the most successful, committed and active club of the academic year.

Most Improved Club of The Year

The criteria for this award are improved success, spirit and organisation of a club. They should also demonstrate a dedication to carrying on this progression for future years.

BUCS Team of The Year

Awarded to the team that has competed exceptionally in their BUCS competition. This team has represented the university well at national level furthering the reputation of Aberystwyth University.

Non - BUCS Team of The Year

Awarded to the team that has competed exceptionally in their competition. This team has represented the university well and furthered the reputation of Aberystwyth University.

Biggest Contribution RAG

This is awarded to a club whose members have freely given a significant amount of their time to a good cause throughout the year // a club that has significantly contributed towards RAG throughout the year.

Welsh Language Award

The club has exceeded the boundaries of the Bilingualism Policy and has included bilingualism print on official club clothing. In addition, all of their correspondence has been in bilingual, and the club committee also includes a Welsh Language Officer/ Translation Officer, and the club upholds the bilingual policy at their events.

University Colours: Sports (25)

Awarded to individual students who have shown continued outstanding dedication or made an exceptional contribution to their club, whilst also demonstrating commitment to the students' union and/or student sport. In exceptional circumstances, students may also be awarded full colours for excelling at their chosen sport to a high level, including winning an international/national or BUCS Competition or representing their sport at a national/international level.

Special Mentions

This award may be given at the discretion of the panel to recognise the outstanding work of a member of the University community who has contributed to a students’ experience, but does not fit into one of the other categories.

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